Xubaka, an electric motorcycle that only weighs 60 kilos

Xubaka, an electric motorcycle that only weighs 60 kilos

Electric motorcycles are postulated as one of the most promising urban mobility solutions, which encourages more and more companies to present models in this category. The latest is the Xubaca model, a scooter that will be sold in Europe as moped from €5,900.

It is striking for its peculiar design, retro cut and with certain similarities to bicyclessomething that is evident in the format of its frame, made of an alloy of steel, chrome and molybdenum.

The Xubaca has a minimalist structure (it weighs only 60 kilos), with wide-profile tires, metal fenders, a single round headlight and a handlebar that, again, resembles that of a bicycle. It has a simple instrument panel that can be complemented by placing a mobile below it to, for example, exercise the functions of a browser. It is one of many accessories that are offered for Xubakato which are added various load surfaces or a hitch to transport surfboards.

Another of the peculiarities that the moped boasts is that, while the front suspension is made up of a conventional fork, it does not have one in use on the rear wheel. The model simply integrates a shock absorber under the pilot’s seatbut not the passenger’s, so your driving comfort will probably be impaired.

A range of up to 80 kilometers

At the bottom of the box is the 48V and 28Ah battery which, at the moment, is a conventional lithium-ion battery. The company plans to change it to a sodium ion one. In any case, it can be disassembled to load it more easily anywhere, a process that is carried out in just four hours using any conventional household power outlet.

The battery powers a small 4kw motor of power (5.5 kW at specific times), which allows it to reach speeds of up to 80 km/h. In Europe, however, it is going to limit your tip to 45 km/h to equate it to a 50cc moped and thus be able to market it so that it can be driven without a license.

His autonomy is between 60 and 80 kilometersdepending on the type of journey that is carried out, and has a regenerative braking system that allows up to 14% of the energy to be recovered and thus increase its range.


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