Yailin La Más Viral uses dental floss and criticism rains down on Anuel AA’s wife for her tail: “It’s false”

Yailin La Más Viral uses dental floss and criticism rains down on Anuel AA's wife for her tail: "It's false"

Yailin La Más Viral uses dental floss and criticism rains down on Anuel AA's wife for her tail: "It's false"

Yailin The Most Viral He continues to be the focus of criticism for his physical appearance and surgeries. ex’s wife Carol G, Anuel AA is in Ibiza for a walk for his 20th birthday. So took advantage of using a tiny dental floss and the criticism he received on Instagram they did not stop ensuring that La Chivirika’s tail is false.

With a dental floss that could barely be perceived, Yailin The Most Viral was about to get on a jet ski with the singer of urban genre, Anuel AA. The paparazzi, who are on the prowl in Europe and if Shakira and Gerard Piqué don’t say so, took photos of the Dominican’s tail without filters and the followers did not stop throwing harsh criticism at her on Instagram.

“The surgeon swindled her”, “that’s fake“, “Is that why you paid?, “You lost the money”, “it’s so fake that looks like rubber”, “Yailin The Most Viral he is nobody without the silicone”, “Imagine if that is how it is with 20 years what it will be like at 30”, were part of the harsh criticism it received Anuel AA’s wife on Instagram. However, that seems to be a past stage for the couple. They have learned to ignore social networks.

Certainly, Yailin The Most Viral It hasn’t been easy for her. be the woman of Anuel AA after Carol G, has undoubtedly made the public always compare. In fact, the trap singer has also said that they have had to prohibit them from wearing blue wigs in their concerts because they are always people who want to annoy the Dominican.

However, she has known how to be patient. Just as she has been booed and they have chanted and asked Carol Galso the true fans of reggaeton Anuel AA have supported Yailin La Mas Viral. Recently at her concert in Barcelona she was applauded by all those present and she couldn’t hold back her tears.

On the other hand, the song they recorded Yailin and Anuel if you look for me” continues to dominate music distribution platforms such as Youtube. In addition, it is known that the singer will collaborate with Rosalia, who is producing a song for the Dominican. Here we leave you the success with which it was released Yailin The Most ViralChivirika“.

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