Yanet García, “La Chica del Clima”, models with her back to the camera tiny lingerie of skin-colored threads

Yanet García, "La Chica del Clima", models with her back to the camera tiny lingerie of skin-colored threads

Janet Garcia.

Janet Garcia.

Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images

As an expert in attracting attention within social networks, Yanet Garcia reappeared posing in a tiny lingerie set with which he exposed the part of his body that most attracts attention: his shapely rearguard.

The Mexican model known as “La Chica del Clima” once again demonstrated why she is one of the favorite celebrities on Instagram, a social network in which she has nearly 15 million followers and whose number is determined to continue increasing with the help of the risky images that he continually shares.

And it is that, as has happened on previous occasions, the former presenter of the Televisa program ‘Hoy’ left very little to the imagination of her most demanding admirers, before whom modeled a set of nude thread lingerie.

On this occasion, the model originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, showed her curvaceous silhouette behind a curtain that she traveled to surprise more than 250,000 users who described the short recording with a red heart and another important number of admirers who made her get a message of admiration.

This same social profile has been characterized by becoming a true parade of intimate apparel in which Yanet García draws attention for showing off her famous buttocks, which are the result of her demanding exercise routines, as well as a healthy lifestyle that He has led from an early age and he never tires of promoting through social networks.

An example of this was the occasion in which he shared a revealing postcard in which he appeared modeling tiny gold-colored garments who became one of the most grateful for her fans, who recognized her with nearly 600 thousand heart-shaped reactions.

Postcard that was accompanied by another recording of a few seconds, but that again exposed her exuberant silhouette while revealing a little of what is experienced during the fiery photo sessions.

In addition to showing off her spectacular smile before the camera, with which she has come to conquer the hearts of millions of fans on this and other virtual platforms such as the OnlyFans page, where she has managed to position herself as one of the favorites.

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