Yes, AMG will sign electric cars

Yes, AMG will sign electric cars

In the end, all the brands plagued by software developers will end and it is that electrification happens through that, for create efficient combinations of electric motor and battery with systems capable of squeezing the last drop of energy.

Today we have learned that in addition to Audi with RS Y BMW with M, Mercedes-AMG will have an electric future that will offer AMG versions of the electric models of the EQ family.

Thanks to Coach and his interview with the Head of R&D of Mercedes, Markus Schäfer we have known that these Electrified AMG models will arrive and the first to do so will be an AMG version of the new Mercedes-Benz EQA.

Schäfer confirmed that “An electric platform signed by AMG is coming”. Although no specific details of the platform were given, the statement continued by saying: “There will be performance variants of the EQA, B, S and E”.

Although the dates and forecasts have not yet been discussed, we would not be talking about the very distant future.

What will happen to the legendary “one man, one engine” from AMG?

Putting some more questions on this issue, we do not know how he would approach the “One man, one engine” strategy that has made AMG famous for years and is that with electrification they will have to change the third in direct advertising of the brand, where we do not know how the “signature” of each engine will evolve.

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