yet another hefty sanction against Apple


Two million: this is the time that Apple will have to pay in rubles, for not having complied with the legislation in force in the country of Vladimir Putin. Specifically, the company has refused to store the data of its Russian users on servers installed in Russia. This state is not the only one to require such a maneuver from the giants of the net, but the decision is historic in the region.

Apple is not the only company to have been punished in this way: Zoom Video Communications, which markets the eponymous videoconferencing tool, also had to pay an identical fine, as did Ookla, publisher of Speedtest. If we convert the amount of the penalty into euros, it is however approximately 34,000 euros, which remains negligible for firms of this size.

A matter of control

This court decision echoes the prevailing news in Russia, where officials are trying to keep control of the content offered by third-party publishers. Whether it be representations of questionable boundaries or censorship pure and simple, the government thus aims to stick to its own domestic policy as best as possible. Some even mention the case of generalized surveillance, similar to what Chinese citizens may experience.

Private information, on the other hand, is necessarily anonymized if we are to believe Apple’s promises in this regard, regularly reiterated. But it is impossible to know what is happening with backups from applications created by local authorities, or saved on servers belonging to industrialists in their boots. It would thus not be impossible to discover one day new hidden links between the two.

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Google too

According to a press release from the British press agency Reutersbeyond Zoom, Apple and Ookla, it is also Alphabet who was pinned at the end of the trial. Its fine is lower (60,000 rubles or just over 1,000 euros) but it is also a question of data depending on the media.

Always in war against ukraineRussia is a major iPhone consumer with nearly 25% market share for iOS according to the latest figures from Statisticspublished for the year 2021.

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