You can now reset locked iPhone without Mac


If it is relatively easy, through the Settings app, to erase your iPhone before, for example, reselling it, the maneuver is not so simple if the device has been locked. This can happen for several reasons, such as forgetting your password or even blocking the iPhone after it has been stolen and then found.

To remedy this, Apple offers with the deployment of iOS 15.2 a new tool to reset your iPhone without having to access its content. To be entitled to it, you must therefore have installed this version. Note also that the developer also specifies that some tablets are compatible, if they run on iPadOS 15.2 which was released at the same time.

Other prerequisites: have an Internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or via mobile data with a SIM card.

Detailed tutorial

Here is, in a few simple steps, the procedure to reset your iPhone if it is blocked after too many unsuccessful unlocking attempts:

  1. Touch To erase [nom de votre appareil] at the bottom right of the lock screen
  2. Repeat the first step a second time by touching again To erase [nom de votre appareil]
  3. Enter the password of your iCloud ID (this operation will then disconnect you from the iPhone)
  iPhone locked

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The iPhone will then restart automatically, you will then have to follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. These indications will allow you to reconfigure the device according to your needs, and to restore a backup if you were able to make one upstream, hence the interest of this highly recommended method. With iCloud, it is possible to trigger automatic backups regularly.

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Apple will also ask you to set a new password to unlock the iPhone. This time, try to find a combination of mnemonics.

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