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iOS 15 et iPhone

There are people who have a better filled address book than ours. Indeed, when Mateusz Buda has a question about his iPhone, he sends an e-mail directly to Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president in charge of software engineering.

In his email, Buda explains that he activated the option to have automatic updates, but despite this, two weeks after the public and final release of iOS 15.4, his phone still had not done so. version change.

Updates that are slow to arrive

A situation which is far from isolated and which affects millions of people around the world, who do not necessarily think of manually activating an update as soon as it is available. In an effort to clear this up for Mateusz Buda and everyone impacted by this issue, Craig Federighi responded via email.

“Hi Mateusz,
We gradually roll out new iOS updates by first making them available to those who explicitly search for them in Settings, then 1-4 weeks later (after receiving feedback on the update) we speed up the rollout devices with automatic updating enabled. .
I hope it helped you!
– fear”

In these few lines we therefore learn that Apple voluntarily delays the arrival of updates on devices that have requested that the latter be done automatically. Federighi does not give the reasons for this expectation in his email, simply speaking of “comments on the update”.

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Make sure your iPhone is up to date

But we understand very well that Apple first wants to let the update evolve with the very first users (after the beta testers) so that bugs and other concerns are identified and resolved before the update does not affect the greatest number.

Just by the number of Apple products affected by the update, it makes sense that the update will be rolled out in several stages and that those less fortunate will have the update a month after its release. If, like me, you have activated the option for automatic updates, you can check that your phone has the latest version of iOS by going to settings > general > and the “software update” menu.

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