You will never sail alone –

Dani Parejo, en el hotel de Liverpool.

You will never sail alone -

The Submarine docks at Anfield. Villarreal is, for the second time in its history, two games away from playing the final of the most important club competition in the world. All the data that can be brought up from what is already a feat is shocking. But Emery doesn’t want anyone to brag about his team before the road ends (follow the match live on

Because the team chaired by Fernando Roig has before it the biggest challenge of his life: play a Champions League final. For it he has had to consecutively knock down two giants like Juventus and Bayern Munich. But tonight’s is already the hardest yet. The Liverpool is, today, the maximum favorite to win the Champions. An oiled machine that is very close to achieving what no one has ever achieved in England: winning all the titles.

Besides, Klopp has been in charge of preventing what Allegri and Nagelsmann have already done: underestimate Villarreal. That was the first yellow goal in the round of 16 and in the quarterfinals. Ythere is no surprise factor and, furthermore, for Anfield you already know how Emery spends them. His Sevilla won a Europa League final against this Liverpool that was already in full gestation with Klopp.

the atmosphere will be epic in Anfield. But Villarreal arrives ready to execute your plan. The same thing he did at Juventus Stadium and at the Allianz Arena. The Submarine will not sail alone. 3,000 yellow throats will cheer from one of the backgrounds. They will be in the minority, but they were also in the minority in Turin and Munich. And what if they were heard.

Emery has Yeremy’s last-minute leave. The international stays out due to some discomfort in the hamstrings. Gerard’s absence will be supplied by Trigueros, bringing together in the middle four midfielders who combine defensive commitment with touch. Lo Celso will hook up to look for spaces with Danjuma when Liverpool do not have the ball.

For its part, Klopp has the doubt of who will accompany Salah and Mané in the front. With Firmino gone, Diego Jota and Luis Díaz are your options. The Colombian, winter signing, has adapted perfectly to a ready-made team and has contributed his speed and overflow.


four means

The defensive and control work of the four Villarreal midfielders, Parejo, Capoue, Trigueros and Coquelin, none of whom are wide specialists, will be decisive.

a lot of goal

As many as 20 Liverpool players have scored at least one goal this season. Klopp has alternatives to unblock games, as he showed against Everton.

Lo Celso Factor

He will leave the band to play alongside Danjuma. The alternatives that the Argentine gives to team play in attack and when the ball comes out will be fundamental.

‘This is Anfield’

Villarreal players are aware of what they are going to experience on an emotional level. The objective is to abstract from the environmental factor, but it will not be easy, as Parejo said.

aces to follow


He is the one who commands in the center of the field. With long deliveries or participating in short combinations, he sets the tempo of the match.


His speed and imbalance must be vital for Villarreal to make Liverpool doubt.

Ups and downs

The only doubt for Jürgen Klopp is that of Firmino, but he has enough alternatives. In his position, Jota or Díaz will play.

Yeremy Pino joined the absentee list yesterday. Alberto Moreno is out for a long time and Gerard Moreno does not arrive on time.




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