Your iPhone camera will be accessible in an emergency


In the United Kingdom, the 911 is the number to call in an emergency and includes both police and health services. The brigade in charge of responding to calls, based in Southwark with more than five thousand fire fighters, recently acquired a whole new tool which allows it to “see” what their interlocutors were describing to them. here orally.

999EYE allows victims of share video stream recorded by their mobile camera. To do this, the operator sends them a simple link by SMS, which you just have to click to be redirected to a web page substantially similar to Whereby (the less successful interface). All you have to do is authorize the site to access the back sensor, and you’re done.

Fight against fires

The advantage of this solution is above all that it allows emergencies to better gauge the importance of the situation. In the event of a fire, for example, the person alerting the authorities may not correctly measure the amount of smoke escaping from the windows. A visual support studied by a professional makes it possible to remedy this, and to send the appropriate help.

In June 2017, we remember the serious incident in the Grenfell Tower, a building over sixty-seven meters high in North Kensington that had burned down, prompting an investigation into its upkeep and the deaths of seventy-nine people. London had also had to face the “great fire” of 1666, which had by then devastated thousands of houses. Saint Paul’s Cathedral, too, had gone up in flames.

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A change to qualify

This new asset for English 999 still raises some questions, because tools like Hangouts already offer alternatives and for a long time. However, officials preferred to develop their own system, paid for by the taxpayer.

Although deviations from the CSAM do not seem risky here since the data sharing process is voluntary, a critical aspect thus lies in the net offset between emergency equipment and innovation for the general public. Doctors and researchers have also pointed out the same problem concerning hospitals and the Apple Watch.

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