your iPhone has lost battery life, but this is normal according to Apple

Batterie vide iPhone

We have recently seen that many users are affected by a significant loss of autonomy following the update of their iPhone or iPad to the latest available version of iOS/iPadOS: 15.4.

As the underline our colleagues from MacWorldit is true that each new version of iOS brings its share of dissatisfied people on the question of autonomy.

We’ve seen it in the past, it’s customary for an iOS update to have a negative impact on the autonomy of your device in the hours and days following the installation of the new version, temporary impact however. Indeed, the update may ask certain applications to “wake up”, to adjust their parameters and sometimes to refresh their database. This may be the case for Spotlight, for example, which can launch a reindexing of the contents of your iPhone after updating, or even of your photo library. Other apps and services running in the background potentially do the same after upgrading to a new version of iOS.

And that’s what Apple just commented on its AppleSupport Twitter account.

Specifically, the Californian firm responds to a user complaining of a decrease in autonomy after updating his iPhone. Here is Apple’s response translated into French:

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“Your apps and services need to adjust after an update, which can take up to 48 hours. If after this time, your reduced autonomy is still relevant, contact us and we will study your problem in more detail.

This statement from the Californian is not surprising. It is true that we have often experienced reduced battery life in the hours following an iOS update on our iPhones. But it never really lasted long. Generally, after one or two days, the autonomy of our devices returned to normal.

So if you think you’re suffering from a drop in battery life since updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS/iPadOS 15.4, maybe wait a few more days for your apps and services to get up to speed too.

Do not hesitate to tell us about your experience in this area. Have you experienced a drop in battery life after updating your iPhone or iPad? Was this decline temporary ? If so, after how long did you regain normal autonomy? If not, how long ago did you update?

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