Your iPhone or iPad may not be compatible with iOS 16

iPhone 6s

When iOS is updated to a new major version, it is not uncommon to see Apple announce that some of its mobiles will not be entitled to it. With iOS 14 and iOS 15, however, there are no unpleasant surprises. Indeed, models considered to be quite old can indeed download these versions. Including the first generation iPhone SE released in March 2016.

Unfortunately, a new rumor which would emanate directly from the Apple premises via one of its developers ensures that this device will not be able to install iOS 16. This edition should, if the Apple does not change its habits, be presented on the occasion of the Worldwide Developer Conference which could be held on June 6, for a public deployment in the last quarter of 2022 or in September.

Other affected iPhones

They are also starting to date: the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, marketed at the end of 2015 with their respective 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens. They had created a surprise by being compatible with iOS 14 and then especially with iOS 15, but this will probably be their last home. Note that Apple continues to publish security fixes for older generations of the software, so don’t panic if you own one of these products.

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iPad and iPod

Let us remember it; iPadOS is a derivative version of iOS. Its developer therefore generally chooses to implement the same new features within the two programs.

Several tablets would therefore not be compatible with iPadOS 16 either. These would be the second generation iPad Air, the fifth generation iPad and the first two iPad Pro. The fourth generation iPad mini also according to the source, but this seems unlikely as this is the version just before the one currently available in stores. We must therefore consider these hallway noises with caution; moreover, Apple has not commented on the matter and probably does not appreciate this kind of leak of confidential information at all.

As for music players, the seventh generation iPod touch being released in 2019 is unlikely to see it abandoned in this way in a few months. It also runs on iOS 16.

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