Your iPhone will act as a Navigo Pass from next year


Last year, the Île-de-France Mobilités organization launched the possibility of recharging its Navigo Pass with its iPhone and planned to allow, one day, your smartphone to act as a transport ticket. Now we know when this feature will arrive: see you next year.

The iPhone will be your Navigo Pass from 2023

The regional authority in charge of transport in Île-de-France is slowly but surely taking the digital shift. It all started with recharging your Navigo card from your iPhone, a feature that came to fruition in February 2021. If it was already very practical, many were impatiently awaiting the next step, namely the possibility of use your iPhone as a Navigo Pass. As promised, as due, this will be possible from next year.

After many negotiations, that’s it: your iPhone (or your Apple Watch) will soon be able to act as a Pass Navigo. Say goodbye to plastic cards that are (too) easily lost. From next year, your smartphone will be able to serve as your ticket. No precise date has been revealed for the moment since everything will depend on Apple and the progress of its developments, declared Laurent Probst, managing director of the IDFM, to Parisian.

Thus, the NFC chip of your smartphone will allow you to validate your ticket at the gates without knowing the need to validate the operation with Touch ID or Face ID. A real breakthrough that is expected at the turn. Until then, a test phase will take place this year with compatible devices. Namely that it will indeed be a dematerialized version of the Navigo Pass.

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Thus, France is catching up with other countries where the iPhone has already served as a transport ticket for several years, such as Japan, Sweden, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Even better, by 2024, you will be able to buy your transport tickets directly with Apple Pay and integrate them into your Maps app. Île-de-France Mobilités thus seems well on its way to a successful digital transition.

Note, finally, that Android users can already use their smartphone as a transport ticket in Île-de-France, but under certain very specific conditions. But everything will evolve from next summer on that side…

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