Your mac’s next webcam could be an iPhone

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Despite the tons of rumors that arrive every day about the Apple brand, the latter always manages to surprise us with unexpected products and features. This was again the case at the last WWDC, where the Cupertino company presented, to everyone’s surprise, a “webcam” function for Macs that uses… an iPhone.

Indeed, rather than working on a high quality webcam to integrate into its macs, Apple preferred to find the solution in the products already offered by Apple. While the last two years of the pandemic have caused the number of video conferencing calls to skyrocket around the world, Apple has always been quite behind when it comes to webcams, only offering 720p solutions.

The iPhone is your new webcam

But thanks to the “Continuity Camera” feature and the brand new version of macOS called “Ventura” Apple offers a solution that uses the iPhone as a webcam. But there is no question of holding the smartphone at arm’s length, or of placing it wobbly on the bottom of your Mac so that the latter serves as a webcam.

No, as always (or almost) Apple wants to do things right. The Apple brand will therefore offer in the coming weeks a small accessory that allows you to attach the iPhone to the top of your Mac, instead of the webcam. If for the moment we do not know the price or the name of this accessory, Apple should enlighten us in the coming days, while the announcement was made during the last WWDC, this Monday.

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Video call on an iPhone and finish on an iPad without interruption

In addition to this new feature, Apple explains that it will now be possible to switch from an iPhone to an iPad or a Mac without ending a video call made on FaceTime. For the moment this solution should only concern Apple’s video call applications and services, but it could open up in the coming months to other third-party applications.

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