Youtuber Doña Ángela is named one of the most powerful women in Mexico

La youtuber Doña Ángela es nombrada una de las mujeres más poderosas de México

Doña Ángela is a youtuber who became famous thanks to her recipes for preparing typical dishes and today she is considered one of the most powerful women in Mexico.

Like every year, this week, the magazine Forbes Mexico published its list of the 100 most influential women in the country. Among them stand out great figures of sport, the arts, politics, among others.

Some of those names are very familiar to us, like the actress Yalitza Aparicio, the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum and the gymnast Alexa Moreno.

Youtuber Doña Ángela is named one of the most powerful women in Mexico

However, we also find the name of a Michoacán cook simply known as Doña Angela, who became popular practically overnight after daring to share her favorite recipes through social networks.

Doña Angela, 70 years old, created his first video in August 2019, where he showed how to prepare huitlacoche. Since then, she has become a celebrity in the virtual sphere.

Your channel, “From my ranch to your kitchen”, She has more than 2,600,000 subscribers and shows a series of recipes that she elaborates with fresh and natural foods that she harvests herself at home.

Among his most popular videos are the tutorials for making chicken with mole, enchiladas, eggs with red chili and comal quesadillas.

But, without a doubt, one of the things that have made her stand out above the competition is her charisma and the Mexican touch that she put on her channel, as well as being very disciplined with content generation.

“I’m already everyone’s aunt and everyone’s grandmother. Really, my people, I am so excited that I want to cry; Thanks to you I am here, I love you very much and God bless me. ”he said when Youtube awarded him the silver and gold buttons for reaching first 100,000 and then a million subscribers.

He now has 85 videos, and some even have subtitles for his fans who don’t speak Spanish.

Doña Angela it is proof that nothing is impossible. A very inspiring story that motivates us to continue chasing our dreams until they come true.

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