Yuri defends Ninel Conde about her controversial life Leave her alone! She exclaims

Yuri defiende a Ninel Conde sobre su polémica vida ¡Déjenla en paz!, exclama

The Mexican singer Yuri got tired of criticism against his friend and colleague, Ninel Conde, who in recent months has been in the eye of the hurricane for his controversial wedding with businessman Larry Ramos and for the lawsuit that with his ex-husband Giovanni Medina, for the custody of his son.

And is that “The Killer Bomb ”, how is he known Ninel Conde She is in a legal battle with her ex-husband Giovanni Medina, for the custody of her son Emmanuel, since the businessman so far has not allowed the Mexican singer to see the child.

In addition to this situation, Ninel Conde has also been criticized because she married the businessman Larry Ramos, who is accused of fraud by the singer Alejandra Guzman.

Ninel Conde from controversy to controversy

And although Ninel Conde says that she has left her problems with her lawyers, and has limited herself in her statements, the one who could not cope with the silence and the attacks was her friend Yuri, who without hesitation came to her defense.

The interpreter of “Aire” asked the public to don’t criticize Ninel Conde anymore, since it is only a matter of the “Killer Bombon” and not of the public domain.

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Leave her alone!, I think that at this time no one has to comment on anyone. I respect her, I love her, ”Yuri declared for him. morning show Today, which is broadcast on the Televisa network.

“Everyone is free to do what they want and we don’t have to say, because it’s not even time to say ‘it’s that I think’… what do you care? You don’t care about the lives of others. Better, improve your life, “said the 57-year-old singer.

Ninel Conde enjoys her vacation

And it is that after Ninel Conde pointed out that her ex-partner Giovanni medina He does not let her see her son, and that she even went to the National Palace to ask President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for support to be able to see her son, the singer and actress married the controversial businessman Larry Ramos.

This is how Ninel Conde went through a scandal scandal in the media.

Although for the moment, the Mexican artist is enjoying a vacation, as she has shown in her account of Instagram.


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