Zaragoza City Council presents its own NFTs inspired by its Fiestas del Pilar – DiarioBitcoin

Zaragoza City Council presents its own NFTs inspired by its Fiestas del Pilar - DiarioBitcoin

Zaragoza City Council presents its own NFTs inspired by its Fiestas del Pilar - DiarioBitcoin By Daily EditorBitcoin

For the Pilar festivities, the Zaragoza City Council creates its first NFT collection and develops the virtual 3D twin of the Plaza del Pilar.


The Fiestas del Pilar are the patron saint festivities of Zaragoza, Spain, which are celebrated in honor of the Virgen del Pilar, patron saint of the city. This festival takes place precisely this, the week of October 12. This time there is a novelty, related to technology, the presence -for the first time- of non-fungible tokens (NFT) as part of the celebration.

Zaragoza City Council decided to launch an experience of creating NFTs based on emblematic elements of Aragonese culture, such as big heads. In this way, according to the municipality itself, it becomes the first official body in Spain to use technology Blockchain to spread and preserve the values ​​of its tradition and culture.

The big heads or giants are traditional characters of the popular festivals of Zaragoza and many other Spanish towns.

Bighead NFT

The initial NFT collection of the Zaragoza City Council, has as protagonists the big heads of La Pilara, El Berrugón and La Forana. It has been carefully designed in 3D and deployed in OpenSea by the Aragonese company Imascono. The NFTs will be available on the main network of Ethereum and its obtaining, accessible to all interested parties, is linked to the Zaragoza metaverse.

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On the occasion of # Pilar21, from October 9 to 17, the Zaragoza City Council makes available nationally and internationally a 3D Virtual Twin of the Plaza del Pilar in the web Also, until today a game called #RetoOfrenda will be developed on that same website in which Any user will be able to search against the clock for a basket of traditional cobblestones (Aragonese candies), hidden in different corners of the Plaza del Pilar 3D. Finding the basket and tweeting the secret code obtained will enter the user in a raffle where they can participate to obtain different physical prizes as well as NFT. For example, today a Real Zaragoza shirt signed by Ander Herrera + an NFT linked to Ander Herrera (unique digital object) will be raffled. The winner will be announced on Twitter tomorrow.

The one of Zaragoza City Council is a technological bet that seeks to share the tradition of the city of Zaragoza in the new digital universes through a single website where all users, regardless of the device (mobile, PC) or their knowledge technology can enjoy an immersive, technological and gamified experience, and at the same time, enter the world of NFTs.

Source: Zaragoza city council press release, web Flower offering, OpenSea

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