Zoo offers you to name a rat after your ex. They will feed it to a snake

Zoo te ofrece que le pongas a una rata el nombre de tu ex. Se la darán de comer a una serpiente

A zoo in Texas is allowing the disgruntled to name a cockroach or rat after their ex, and then see how they feed it to a larger animal, precisely on Valentine’s Day.

The San Antonio Zoo’s “Cry Me A Cockroach” event allows visitors to the zoo’s website to pay $ 5 to name a cockroach after their ex, or $ 25 to name a rat after someone lost. love.

Cockroaches will serve for the diet of various animals, while the rats will be to feed the snakes.

The feed will be streamed live online on February 14, so buyers can witness the disappearance of animals named after their former loves.


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